What Is Bowen?

A gentle, physical treatment that, when performed properly:

Bowen Healing System is:

Primarily uses light-touch movements or “Activations” over muscle and connective tissue on very specific points of the body to achieve extraordinary and consistent results. It is highly successful in eliminating pain and tension while also rapidly restoring optimal health, no matter what the health condition is, in nearly every case

Addresses the entire body on MANY levels causing profound and lasting changes

Causes each treatment to build AND compound upon the last one

Is truly Wholistic – It addresses the WHOLE body and mind

Essential tool to facilitate whole body healing

Activation's enable the body to revive its ability to naturally heal itself

Activation's address every system and organ in the body down to the cellular level

One single Activation on a body addresses the entire body

The process extends to the emotional, cognitive, energetic and spiritual aspects of the individual

Erases pain and spasm cycles