Feedback from our clients

  • Veronica Sacramento, CA

    I had a really bad episode with my sciatic nerve last year so I called my friend who was attending classes for Bowen. (I have to say I was skeptical about it at first because I was unsure it would help but was in so much pain I was willing to try anything.) He came over, used the Bowen technique and I felt like new and was able to walk again without pain. Not to mention, it was an extremely relaxing experience. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

  • Jaime Orangevale, CA

    Throughout my life, I have broken many bones. One significant one was my hip. It was to the point where I could not sleep on my left side due to the pain. After Ron's Bowen treatment, just one, I was immediately able to sleep on that side again with no pain and have been consistently since. I love Bowen!

  • Tracy Sacramento, CA

    I suffered from a really painful back problem for 3 days. I spent those 3 days on the couch not being able to move. I gave my friend a call and he let me know that he would be able to come by later that evening to try and help me get up and moving again. He got to my house and started performing the Bowman technique. By the time he finished with me I was up and moving around like I had no pain at all. I wanted to run and jump and do cartwheels through my house. I really appreciated him taking time out of his busy day just for me. I would highly recommend him as well. Thanks !!!

  • Christine Stockton, CA

    Bowen is amazing! I had a pain in the bottom of my foot for 15 years that caused me to limp slightly. I didn't think anything would ever take the pain away. I figured that I just had to learn to live with the pain. After just one Bowen treatment, my foot was pain free. I literally woke up the next day after the treatment and felt no pain! About two months later, I did a follow up treatment because I could feel a small hint of pain. By that time, I'd become so accustomed to being pain free that I didn't want to live with even a small amount of pain. LOL. I've been pain free for almost a year now. Thank you! P.S. Despite my initial skepticism, I'm such a firm believer in Bowen now that I'm referring friends and family to him.

  • Randy Atlanta, GA

    I have been having pain in my knee for the past 6 months. The next run I went for after you treated my knee I was completely pain-free for the first time in quite a while. More recently, a little bit of the low grade pain/stiffness has been back but it is still certainly less so than I had been experiencing. Very impressive, thanks

  • Zen Sacramento, CA

    I would like to take a moment of your time to enlighten you with my miracle. Yes I said MIRACLE! I would like to focus on one particular occasion. On Feb.15, 2012 which so happens to be my 47th birthday. I was so happy my birthday plans were all in place.

    Just a simple walk to the car and I felt a small cramp/pinch in my lower back. I laughed it off saying, "Ouch. Okay, I am 47. lol". I proceeded to the train to head home from the bay I couldn't understand why It was getting more stiff and painful being that it was a comfortable seat.

    By the time I got home, I could barely move because my back was completely out. The pain was shooting through my legs I was not able to get up and down or bend to sit.

    I had a room at Thundervalley Casino that was a birthday gift and dinner at a fine steakhouse. By the time I arrived at the casino I could barely walk. I was miserable. Smiled through the pain of dinner then straight to the room. My friend said call Mr.Bowen (lol, nickname). I was reluctant to bother Mr.B that evening. Laying in pain overnight was a bad decision but bright and early I texted Mr. B. He texted me back right away I told him my painful story. He said he could meet me at my place in an hour. Now mind you, I had him do several bowen sessions performed on me; once a kinky neck I had suffered with for several months right away felt better. I thought to myself, "If this makes me feel better and continues to feel good, I pray it's not just in my head and I'm playing the fool?"

    Anyways, Mr. B came to my place worked on me. Mind you, I could barely stand the pain of laying down. Mr. B worked on me for about 1 1/2 hrs. lol. He relieved so much pain I fell asleep (snoring) several times. After he did the magic I was able to walk around as he continued to evaluate my stride. Mr.B did a few more miracle touches. I was crying I was so so so damn happy the pain was gone GONE. Do you understand? From not moving to NO PAIN... I was pain free! You tell me it's not a MIRACLE.

    In closing, I would recommend this "Bowen" to anybody with ongoing or just happened pain. DON'T suffer. This is real relief without meds!!! The Miracle of body switches as I like to call it. Kudos to all Bowen Masters.

  • Andrew Stockton, CA

    When I sprained my ankle, the doctor said I couldn't run for 4 weeks, but after one Bowen session I was running two days later! When I went to the Bowen appointment, I was on crutches and could hardly put any weight on my foot. Within minutes, I was putting all my weight all it. Within a half hour, I was walking with barely a limp and didn't need the crutches any longer. Two days later, I was back on the track with my Cross Country friends and running miles. Thanks to Bowen, I didn't have to miss half the Cross Country season. Thank you!